Dog Parks in Panama City, Florida

Panama City, Florida, is located in Northern Florida, on the Gulf of Mexico. It has a handful of great dog parks and a beach area you and your dog can enjoy during your visit.

You must follow certain rules to bring your dog to any of the Panama City Parks. Your dog is allowed within the specified areas. Your dog should have on its ID tags, and be properly vaccinated. Puppies under four months of age are prohibited. You should not bring over three dogs. Do not bring food in bowls or chew toys. If you or your dog are creating any problems, you must leave when asked to. If your dog has bitten someone else in another public park, you should bring it out with a muzzle. You must clean up after yourself and your dog, and enjoy Dog Beach and the other parks at your own risk. Don’t leave your dog unattended; if you bring children, they must be under your supervision.

Zollie Young Park

This dog park opened in 2008, within the greater 12-acre Zollie Young Park. It offers dog waste facilities. The greater park has sports fields, a picnic area, concession stand, restrooms, a playground and more.

Dog Beach


Panama City inaugurated this Dog Beach in 2007. It is located within the Pier Park shopping center, which is also dog friendly, so this is a good spot to check out in general. The beach has white sand and clear waters. It is also free to use; there is no reason your dog shouldn’t enjoy the beach in Panama City!

Frank Brown Park Off-Leash Play Area


Frank Park is a large park in Panama City, and it features many different sports fields and a freshwater pond. There is one fenced dog play area, and also pet-friendly walking trails for leashed dogs. The dog park area is located in the back left section of Frank Park.

Naju Dog Park

This is a private dog park located behind a dog grooming and boarding place. If you bring your dog there to be groomed, boarded or under doggie day care, they can use it. Other than that, it is a $10 daily fee, or $26 per month ($20 for each additional dog).

The park itself is double gated, has designated digging areas, agility equipment, two dog ponds for swimming, a designated small dog area, a do-it-yourself dog wash, soda machine, lounge chairs, picnic tables and an outhouse. Male dogs are required to be neutered, and females in heat are not permitted. People that work for this place supervise the dog play sessions if you leave your dog there.

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  1. Well I been around here for a while and I found what I needed, but the points this post has touched are really amazing, everyone’s trying to either copy or follow the same thing again and again, and most of the time get really hurtled by this. I think this being the first post to really post something out of the box will really help me and many others. I think trying this is really worth. It will not be wastage of time coz in any case this will never harm our campaigns for good serps.

  2. Being a native of PC, it’s sad to see that places we used to go when I was a kid and took our dogs are either closed or have become pet UNfriendly. Living out in Callaway, it’s not only too long a drive to go to Zollie Park or Frank Brown Park (and unreasonable to drive that far with the price of gas while being unemployed and going to school). The only place nearby is Naju and you have to pay. There is no place I can find where I can walk/run WITH MY DOG. The doctors want us to stay fit and healthy, but our “family member” needs exercise too and is basically MY CHILD. Bay County, FL is NOT a pet friendly place to live!

  3. There is also a park in Callaway now. Called Everett Avenue dog park its off the corner of Everett avenue and 11th street. All the dogs Ive seen there are friendly and well mannered. However, there is often a child there that does not understand not to “harass” the dogs. When we see her we leave, but otherwise it is very nice.

  4. I am moving to PC from Santa Fe, NM and am a little scared about how unfriendly this area is regarding to dogs. I have two golden retrievers that have enjoye off leash fun. Is there a group
    that I can get invoved to make changes regarding rights for dogs?

  5. There is a new dog park in Panama City at 1022 Balboa Avenue – Al Helms Dog Park. It’s beautiful, large and fully fenced, with pick-up bags, running water, and two separate fields for under 30 lbs dogs and over 30 lbs. Probably the nicest dog park in the area.