Dog Parks in Saint Petersburg, Florida


There are six official dog parks in this city. All of the dog parks are open daily, and open thirty minutes prior to sunrise and close thirty minutes after sunset. This is a good place to visit in Florida, as it isn’t as touristy as places like Miami or the Keys.

Rules: These are unsupervised parks, and you must take your dogs there at your own risk. All dogs must be vaccinated, and display current licenses. Puppies must be at least four months old. Children under ten have to be supervised closely by adults. You are not allowed to bring food or treats for pets or for humans to these parks. Though the parks are off-leash, you are required to have a leash in your hands. Aggressive dogs and female dogs in heat may not go to the parks. You are only allowed to bring two dogs at once.

North Shore Dog Park

This is a top-rated double fenced dog park of about one acre in size. There are water fountains, waste bags and trash bins. There is a sense of community there and you can connect with some local dog owners. The greater park is located in downtown St Petersburg, and has something for everyone. It includes a waterfront park, scenic drive, concert venue, exhibits, fireworks, playgrounds and free parking!

Lake Vista Dog Park

This dog park is fenced and has water faucets and bowls for dogs. It also has waste-bags and a time-out area for dogs who get too excited. It takes up about 1.5 acres, and is enclosed in a 4-foot chain link fence.

Crescent Lake Dog Park

This park has areas for big and small dogs. It is fenced, takes up one acre and has drinking fountains and fire hydrants for dogs. It is appropriately located near Crescent Lake.

Walter Fuller Dog Park

This park is fenced-in, and has drinking fountains and fire hydrants for dogs. There are also waste bags, trash bins and time-out areas. It takes up 1.5 acres.

Coquina Key Dog Park

This one-acre park is fenced and has drinking fountains for dogs and for humans, as well as picnic tables, waste bags, trash bins and a time-out area. It is located in proximity to the Big Bayou.


Kenwood Dog Park

This is a recently opened, fenced off-leash dog park. It takes up three acres.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Parks in Saint Petersburg, Florida

  1. These articles are great. Finally I can take my dog with me and enjoy without worries. Thank you so much.

  2. Our 1year old Catahoula absolutely loved the Kenwood Dog Park. They have made many improvements to it and we always meet friendly dogs and owners there! Thanks for providing our dog, Colton, with a wonderful area to play and make new friends!