Dog Parks in San Diego, CA

Not sure where to let your pup run around and play in San Diego? There are plenty of dog parks that are off leash and great places to meet fellow pet owners and for your dog to make new friends. Always remember to clean up after your pet, bring some water, and make sure your dog is up to date with vaccines. Supervise your pet at all times and if she seems exhausted or starts to get tired of playing then it’s time to go home.

Here are several dog parks in San Deigo, CA that your dog will love:

Morley Field is located at 2221 Morley Field Drive and Alabama St. southwest of the tennis courts. This park has a grassy lawn for your dogs to run and play frisbee, catch, and tag. There are several trees to find some shade and rest under after playing. The park is also near the Florida Canyon Trails, which you and your dog can explore after romping around.

Grape Street Dog Park is located at 28th St and Grape St. It is located in a residential area and spans 5 acres. The grassy field is surrounded by trees and has two water fountains. The off-leash area is not fenced and is open from 7:30am to 9pm Mon thru Fri and 9am to 9pm on the weekends.

San Diego Dog Beach at Ocean Beach is located at W Point Loma Blvd and Volatire St. It’s one of the most popular canine spots. Your dog can roam, dig, run, splash, and play 24 hours a day. Take care to clean up after your dog and leave the beach as you found it. After an afternoon of splashing around, there’s a dog wash two blocks away where you can clean your buddy up before heading home.

Capehart Park is located at Felspar and Soledad Mt Rod and is a 1 acre fenced in dog park. There are two areas for dogs to play, one for smaller and low energy dogs and one for bigger dogs and high energy ones. Both areas have water fountains, picnic tables, and benches. If your pup is the type that may run and run and run, a fenced in park is perfect to let her off-leash without worrying that she’ll roam too far away.

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