Dog Parks in Tacoma, Wa

Heading to Tacoma or recently moved there? Finding a good dog park is important for you and your pup. There are several well-maintained parks throughout Tacoma where your pup can make new friends, run around, and have fun. Remember to always clean up after your dog, have proper ID tags on the collar, and watch for exhaustion or other mood changes in your dog.

Here are 3 dog parks you may want to check out:

Chambers Bay Off Leash Park and Beach is located at 62nd and Grandview. It’s open from dawn to dusk and is an acre. Your dog will have a lot of fun running around. At the moment, the park is under development with an anticipated completion date of 2014. The dog park is maintained by SUNdogs (Safe, Unleashed, Natural) which is a non-profit group. They ask that you clean up after your dog and make sure that your pet is up to date with vaccines. Also, if your pet is not neutered or not sprayed, please be mindful that other dogs may react negatively or harass your dog and cause problems. If your dog becomes agitated or causes an upset, please respond by removing your pet as quickly as possible to avoid injuries.

Rogers Dog Park is located at E L street at E WRight Ave and has a water fountain for your thirsty pup as well as bags for cleanup. There are benches and picnic tables for you to sit at while your dog plays. It’s a great park that measures about 1.5 acres in a residential area. You’ll meet some of the neighborhood dogs and their owners. The park is well-maintained overall and ask that you cleanup after your dog. The park is open from dawn to dusk. All dogs must be up to date with vaccines and licensed.

Point Defiance Park is located at 5400 N Pearl St. and is about 7 acres of located in the former Madrona Day Camp area. There is a fenced off area for small dogs to play aside from the larger dog park. There are also many trails to walk through the park, but keep your dog on leash if you go for a hike. The park is full of wildlife and your dog may want to chase or hunt the raccoons, birds, or other critters that live there. It’s a beautiful park that your whole family can enjoy. The zoo and aquarium are also located here for the times you go out with the family and leave fido home.


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