Dog Parks in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Winnipeg, Manitoba is a Canadian city that has a fine selection of off-leash dog parks within its premises. All of these sites are open from 7:00 AM-11:00 PM, unless otherwise indicated. Dogs are required to be on leash once they step away from the off-leash areas.

Little Mountain Park

Little Mountain Park has an off-leash area by the Farmer Road parking lot, at the northwest corner of the park. It is a large, open space. The remainder of this park has lots of nature walking paths, open areas and BBQ pits.

Charleswood Dog Park

Charleswood Dog Park is a fairly large area that was formerly known as the Charleswood Golf course; dogs are allowed to roam off-leash throughout the whole site.

Kilcona Park

Kilcona Park has a large off-leash area for dogs, and a few on-leash areas. Make sure you are aware of the spaces where there are no dogs allowed, which include the Golf Course and Service Yard.

Woodsworth Park

Woodsworth Park has a narrow off-leash dog area.


There is a small off-leash dog park at the intersections of Sturgeon Road and Silver Avenue.

Juba Park

There is a small off-leash dog park southwest of the ball diamond, west of the walkway that goes to Juba Park.

King’s Park

King’s Park has a nice off-leash dog area northeast of the retention pond. The remainder of the park has a rock garden, a Chinese pagoda and washrooms.

Maple Grove Park

Maple Grove Park has a nice off-leash area, which is one of the most popular dog parks in the city. Sometimes they hold events like barbecues, frisbee tournaments and other fun activities.

Mazenod Park

Mazenod Park has a designated off-leash dog area around the retention pond.

Westview Park

Westview Park has a small off-leash area that faces Empress Street.

Brenda Leipsic Park

Formerly Hurst Park, Brenda Leipsic Park has an off-leash dog area that is between Hurst Way and Planet Street, off Parker Avenue.

Bourkevale Park

Bourkevale Park has a small off-leash dog area along the riverbank.


The Transcona dog park is a narrow strip of land, just north of Kiwanis Park, from Plessis Road to Larch Avenue West.

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