The Doggy Bagger: A New Feature on Dog Friendly Restaurants

One of the biggest challenges when traveling with your canine is mealtime. Either you go with takeout to enjoy back at your pet-friendly hotel room or you find a dog friendly restaurant, which means a restaurant that has outdoor seating AND says it’s okay for your pooch to dine with you.

Finding dog friendly restaurants can be a challenge. If you’re visiting a city, you may be lucky enough to find a local website or paper that has written an article on the subject. If you make use of pet travel websites other than ours, you’ll find a mishmosh of choices that can include local Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Sonic Drive-ins. Are you kidding? I know I can take my dog to a drive-through–you’re not helping.

photo of dog-friendly patio of Weathervane Restaurant in Chapel Hill, NC
The Weathervane in Chapel Hill, NC, typifies the kinds of dog-friendly restaurants you’ll find written up in The Doggy Bagger

So enter The Doggy Bagger, a new feature in Petswelcome’s Weekly Bone newsletter on dog friendly restaurants, breweries (so long as they sell food), bars, and cafes across the country. In any given article, I may tackle the topic by state, by town, by type of establishment, or by what’s served there. But what is common to all of them is that the restaurants I write about are places I would want to go to even if my dogs weren’t with me.

A perfect example of just such a restaurant is Weathervane Restaurant & Patio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It has ambience–their dog friendly patio is everything you want an outdoor eating space to be. It’s beautifully conceived, with built-in brick banquettes that have comfortable cushioned seating. It’s intimate while still being open to the communal space. Welcome shade is provided by both table umbrellas and the trees planted in and around the patio area.

As for the food, Weathervane is open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, so you can keep coming back, if you like. You know you’re in the South because breakfast sides include country ham and livermush, a North Carolina specialty that’s kind of like scrapple.

The Southern accent is woven throughout the menu, with offerings such as Ashe Co. Pimento Cheese Fritters, Fried Green Tomatoes and Okra, Sweet Tea Glazed Salmon, and their version of Shrimp and Grits, which includes andouille, red eye gravy, and charred onions.

Life is too short not to enjoy every meal, and there are so many dog loving restaurateurs out there serving up very fine food. It’ll be my pleasure to find them and share them with you. In each case, I’ll get down into the tasty weeds to give you a clear picture of what you’re going to find on the menu, a description of its outdoor seating (FYI, as far as I’m concerned, two tables out front doesn’t qualify as outdoor seating), and any doggy perks they provide, like water bowls on request, treats, or a special doggy menu.

I love food and I love my dogs. Let’s have some fun!

The Doggy Bagger is a weekly feature on dog friendly restaurants.

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