Earth Day: Go Green For Pets

This Earth Day you don’t need a green thumb to help the planet. You can replace all your light-bulbs with fluorescent ones, walk or ride a bike when heading out to see friends, and buy recycled products. You can also change a few habits with your pet to go green.

Here are 7 tips to going green with your pets:

  1. Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you have to throw away old towels, blankets, and unused or old printers. Your local shelter may be able to use them. Call the shelters and rescue groups in your area and see if some of the things you no longer use or need can be reused.
  2. When buying pet shampoo and other pet products look to see if they are earth-friendly. Some shampoos are all natural, the bottles and bags for many products are made of recycled materials, and many toys are now made from recycled plastics, rubber, and other materials.
  3. If you have a garden, why not make a little space for the veggies that your reptile buddies eat? It’ll cut down on the grocery bill. Also, if you avoid using pesticides and other chemicals your pet will be healthier as well as your garden. Avoiding chemicals helps save the planet.
  4. Baking treats for your pet is one way to cut down on the number of preservatives and dyes your pet may ingest. You can store the treats in a recycled container for storage.
  5. Save energy by using a towel to dry your pet after a bath instead of a blow dryer
  6. Take walks to the dog park instead of driving
  7. Use timers on the light-bulbs in your aquariums for your fish and reptiles

Have a great Earth Day!