Ease Your Pet’s Allergies

Spring and summer doesn’t mean we are the only ones sneezing and sniffling. Your pets may have some allergies to the changes around them as well. If your pet is showing signs of reacting to seasonal changes and has displayed some symptoms like scratching more, chewing at her paws, and hair loss from overgrooming, a visit to the vet may be in order.

Hot Spots

If your pet has hot spots, the painful red spots of irritated skin, there are several sprays you can buy at your local pet store that can help control your pet’s need to scratch the area.

You can also try clipping away the fur from the spot and letting it dry up on its own. A little hydrogen peroxide on the spot can also help keep it clean and dry it out.

Epsom salt can help soothe the hot spots. If a bath is not possible, a cloth with warm water and epsom salt placed on the irritated area can naturally ease the itchiness and infection.


Some dogs and cats react to pollen and other environmental changes by having irritated skin everywhere on their body. If your pet is reacting with scratching all over, pet shampoos that have natural plant-based ingredients can help soothe the itchiness.

Dogs and cats may also be ok with a few drops of apple cider vinegar added to their meal. It is believed to help alleviate skin irritations.

When allergens are removed from the environment, the allergic reactions disappear. When your pets are inside, make sure their bedding and areas they hang out are kept clean.

Wipe your dog’s paws when coming back in from playing, regular brushing can remove pollen and debris, and vacuuming will cut down on allergens making their way into the house.

When airborne pollen is high minimize the time spent outside with your pets to reduce the amount of time they are exposed to the allergens.

Boost Immune Systems

Dogs may benefit from a little flaxseed oil added to their meals. It strengthens their immunity to contact irritants. Salmon oil can also help. If your pet doesn’t like flaxseed oil, don’t let it go to waste, a little for us can help our skin as well as our moods.

Don’t forget to always wipe your pet’s paws when they come back inside and mark on your calendar when it’s time to give them their flea and tick preventives and heartworm preventatives. Every little bit helps keep your pets happy and healthy.

High quality pet food is essential for healthy teeth, fur, eyes, and muscle tone. A healthy pet rarely gets ill and can fight off infections with ease.

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