Easter and Passover: 5 Holiday Pet Tips

Passover starts on April 3, 2015 and Easter is April 5, 2015. If you celebrate either one of these two holidays and have a furry friend in your house, there are some safety tips to consider to ensure your pet has a safe and happy day.

  1. Keep all decorations out of reach of your pet. If you have easter grass be careful that your dog or cat doesn’t chew and ingest any of it. This fake grass can cause blockages in their digestive system. You can substitute tissue paper in the baskets for grass. Cats are often intrigued by plastic items that catch light and move easily like tinsel and fake easter grass.
  2. Make sure flowers and potted plants are out of reach from your pet. Some decorative seasonal flowers are highly toxic to dogs and cats, and the temptation to chew on them seems unbearable. My cats just love to put holes in plants, so they always stay out of reach on a mantle or bookcase.
  3. Make sure your pets don’t find those easter eggs or the afikoman before the kids do. If you engage your family in the games of finding gifts, keep the family pet away from the room or yard where you’ve placed the items. Any foreign foods or objects that your pet may try to eat could make them very ill.
  4. Candy is a big part of Easter. Wrappers need to be out of reach from dogs as well as chocolate. Keep all ‘people’ treats and their wrappers away from your pet.
  5. If you host a party and your pet isn’t one for loud noises or gets overwhelmed, try keeping them in a room while your guests are over. It’ll reduce the stress on your pet and also your guests.
  6. Also remember, don’t get them wet, don’t expose them to bright light, and don’t feed them after midnight. Oh wait, that’s not dogs and cats…that’s mogwais.

    Image from PopHangover

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