Easter Egg Hunts for Dogs

Dog with Easter eggs

It’s understandable that on special holidays like Easter,  pet owners are concerned about keeping their pets safe from items that might be harmful, should they take it into their head to eat them. And, of course, that should always be the priority. Obviously, chocolate, sugar, plastic grass, and  toxic plants, to name a few things, are a hazard to our pets and should be stored where they can’t be nibbled on. But, at petswelcome we also like to emphasize the positive and think you should get your pet in on the celebration, too. That’s where Easter egg hunts for dogs comes in.

Sure, you could put rabbit ears on your dogs and parade them around but we’re not sure they really enjoy that as much as we think they do. We believe they’d much prefer to celebrate by doing what they do best: using their noses and sniffing out treats (in this case, tucked in plastic eggs) and being rewarded for finding them.  Okay, you can put the rabbit ears on them, too, but you’ll need explain that it’s an important ritual that only the most honored guests get to wear. Dogs aren’t idiots. They won’t believe you but they’ll appreciate your sincere attempt at trying to make them feel better. This, after all, is the basis of the dog-human relationship: Canine integrity vs. human guile. The bottom line is, if it makes you happy—and there are treats involved—your dog will gladly let you have your way. Amen.

You had to do it, didn’t you?

Easter egg hunts for dogs are always arranged for good causes, too, which makes the whole experience even more fun and rewarding. You should check your local rescue groups or any other neighborhood association that is involved in fundraising for deserving foundations. And, if there are no Easter egg hunts for dogs in your vicinity, we suggest you donate to your local animal rescue group anyway (or any of the ones listed below). Easter is a great time to celebrate the human spirit and what better way than by acknowledging and honoring the canine spirit? We also recommend having a hunt in your own yard. Invite neighbors and friends and find out how much fun Easter—and the ancient ritual of dogs and humans interacting—can actually be.

Here are some dog Easter egg hunts that are going on around the country:

 Annual Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs, St. Louis, MO. There are prizes inside each of the eggs, including coupons for a free Easter toy and decorated treats. All donations will go to the Metro East Humane Society to save homeless animals and provide low-cost veterinary services. You even get to meet the Easter Bunny.

Dog with Egg on Head

Doggie Easter Egg Hunt at Hawk Island Park, Lansing, MI. Donations go to support Ingham County Animal Shelter Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to helping the animals of Ingham County. Dog treats are grain-free to accommodate dogs with food sensitivities. You also get to meet the Easter Bunny.

Easter B’egg Hunt, Duvall, WA. Held at Camp Charlie’s Private Off-Leash Dog Park on March 31st. All kinds of dogs will be roaming the fields looking for eggs. Large dogs start at 11:00 am, small dogs at 12:30 pm. The hunt is free but donations will go to the Homeward Pet Adoption Center.

Dogs at Easter egg hunt

Dog Easter Egg Hunt, Hobart, WI. This second annual hunt will be held on March 31st  at the Brown County Dog Park. The cost is $5 per dog with a limit of 5 eggs per dog. Eggs will contain healthy dog snacks. Some will have “Golden Tickets” which wins you an Annual Dog Park Pass. Proceeds will benefit the Wisconsin Humane Society  as well as helping improve the Brown County Dog Park.

Doggie Egg Hunt, Chicago, IL. Held at Horner Dog Park. Tickets are $5 per dog, $10 at the door. The egg hunt is followed by a canine costume parade, with prizes for Best Bonnet, Best Overall Costume, Most Original Costume, and Best Owner/Pup Pair. Prizes include a gift certificate for an acupuncture/chiropractic session at Ravenwood Animal Hospital or a gift card good for one glass of wine per month for a year at The Book Cellar. Both of those sound REALLY good. Rumors are there’s an Easter Bunny involved.

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