Easter Safety Tips

Easter is fast approaching and if you celebrate the holiday, make sure that the candy, decorations, and treats are out of reach of your pets. Pets love to check out new things in the house. They are nosy little furballs. Some pets may also have a habit of eating anything they find that is new and interesting. When celebrating this holiday, make sure that the following items are not within reach of your pets:

1: Poisonous plants and bulbs can cause major problems if your pet chews and ingests them. The traditional Easter Lily and other common lilies are very dangerous to cats. The consumption of even a small amount of these plants can be life threatening. If you have lilies in your house, keep them out of reach of your pets or consider placing them outside where your cat can’t get to them.

2: Easter decorations like the plastic grass used for baskets resemble string and cats may chew on it, swallow it, and then have major problems. The plastic grass can twist around the intestines and cause blockages. Candy wrappers, plastic eggs, and small toys can become choking hazards for dogs and cats. Clean up after bringing out the baskets for the kids.

3: Quite places for your pet may be needed if you are planning on having family and friends over for the holiday. The traffic and excitement of the day can stress out your pet. Your pet may not want to be surrounded by strangers or hyper children. If you can, confine your pet to a room in the house with a few treats and let her be. Also, consider leaving her home if you are planning on participating in some outdoor events.

4: No people treats! Chocolate, sugar, jelly beans, and other sweets are never good for your pet. Make an effort to keep these out of reach of your pet. Boxes, baskets, bags of candy should be stored where your pet can’t get to them.

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