Ever Wonder Why Dogs Spin Around Before Doing Their “Business?”

For those of us who own dogs, did you ever wonder why they spin, turn, and need to find that “perfect” spot before squatting to do their business? I always figured it’s just one of those things dogs do, like how some will paw at the bed before they settle down or others will circle before laying down to nap. But researchers have found there is a reason for all this circling.

A new study published in the Frontiers in Zoology journal suggests that dogs spin and turn before they go to the bathroom because they are aligning themselves up with the Earth’s magnetic field. In the course of a two year study, scientists observed groups of dogs and over 30 breeds and measured the direction of the body alignment during the thousands upon thousands times they watched dogs go to the bathroom.

The conclusion is that dogs prefer to align themselves in a north-south direction and tend to avoid east-west alignment. The findings were reliable when the magnetic field was relatively calm. We’ve heard about how dogs can tell there’s storms coming and may react to the changes in electro-magnetic pulses as well as stories of dogs finding their way back home over 100s of miles. So this new study solidifies the notion that dogs are attuned to the earth, more than we are.

To read the complete article, go to Frontiers in Zoology’s page.

Image from King West Vets

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