Fall Weather Rain Gear For Dogs

The weather is cooling down and if you live in the Pacific Northwest, then you know that the rain is here. Walking your dog in the rain isn’t always pleasant, especially when you come back home and have to dry your dog off or have that “wet dog” smell for a few hours afterwards. Your dog could use a raincoat and some other protection from the rain.

Here are 5 Essential Rain Gear Items for Dogs

Musher’s Secret
Walking on cold pavement can dry out paws. Protect them with this moisturizer formulated especially for dog peas. It dries in seconds and creates a layer of protection from sand, ice, and everything in between. Musher’s secret contains Vitamin E to keep paws healthy and help heal any abrasions your dog might have.
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Disposable Waterproof Dog Boots
Maybe your dog doesn’t mind boots on her feet. If so, these booties are great to protect her paws from debris, cold wet pavement, chemicals, and ice. The boots are 100% biodegradable and can be reused many times before you move onto a fresh set of boots.
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Guardian Gear Rain Coat
Waterproof and fashionable, this little raincoat will keep your dog dry when it’s pouring outside. The coat is made from vinyl and has a reflective safety stripe for those night walks. There’s a drawstring hood, a leash opening on the back by the neck, and a pocket where you can stash a few doggie bags.
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West Coast Rain Wear
This coat is fleece lined for comfort and warmth. It is water repellant and has a reflective safety stripe. The coat doesn’t ride up or slide around on your dog’s body and is machine washable.
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Rivers West Hawkeye H2P Safety Rain Coat
Safety green rain coat for your dog will keep her dry and visible to cars when you two go out for night walks. It has reflective strips on the sides and micro fleece on the inside for comfort. There is enough room at the next for the leash and collar to move without being caught under the coat. The coat also has a D-ring so if you use a harness, you can connect the coat to the leash as well.
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