Feast with Fido: Pet-friendly bars and restaurants

Sometimes it’s just nice to take a walk with your four-legged furry friend and want to stop in somewhere and get a bite to eat, sit and read, or have a few drinks and not have to run home and then back out. There are many businesses that allow us to bring our pups with us to eat during the summer months to sit on the patio or outdoor areas but what about when the weather is cold or rainy?

Here are a few businesses in some major cities that let you dine with your pet:

The Dog Bar in Charlotte, NC is THE place to bring Rex. It’s located in the NoDa Arts District and serves beer, wine, and other liquor. All dogs are welcome but make sure your bring a copy of your dog’s vaccines and an extra 10 bucks. All dogs who come to The Dog Bar are members of the bar and pay a one time fee of $10.00. Any type and size of dog is welcome as long as they are social and play well with other dogs. The bar is fenced and dogs are allowed to run around off leash. Think of it as an off-leash dog park with a bar in the middle!

Zazie is a French bistro in San Francisco located on Cole St. that is pet-friendly. On Monday nights, it hosts Bring Your Doggy to Dinner night, where dogs are permitted on the heated garden patio. On other days of the week, pets must remain on the sidewalk areas of the restaurant. Their food has received great reviews and they take reservations on their website!

Tom and Jerry, located at 40 Elizabeth St., is a dog friendly bar in Downtown Manhattan. If you want to grab a pint while on a stroll with Rex, this is the place to go! They even let you order food to be delivered to their bar.

Red’s Porch serves up tasty food like Chicken Tortilla Soup, and their first floor is dog-friendly. They have lunch and brunch specials and host events like trivia night. It’s a great place to spend with friends and your canine companion.

There are many dog-friendly establishments in every city. Many only allow your dog in the outdoor seating areas. If the weather is bad, chances are Rex won’t be allowed inside or anywhere near where food is prepared. If you’re out and about with your pooch and want to stop for a drink or some grub, always check first if dogs are allowed before settling in for a pint or some chips and dip.

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  1. Looking for spots in Canada, mostly Western Canada (Alberta and BC) – would love to take my dog along more but its a challenge finding places!! Your help is appreciated