Fenced Dog Parks in Portland, Or

Dog parks are great places for you and your dog to spend some time together. They get to run around and make a few friends, can tree a squirrel, and bathe in the sun. You can bring a book or toss the tennis ball and frisbee for your furry friend to catch. You may even make it a social event and hang out with your buddies and their dogs.

However, some of us own dogs that cannot be let off-leash without them zooming away and not always coming back. If you have a dog that has a tendency to wander off, may run into the street, or gets too excited and doesn’t “come” when you call her, there are several fenced dog parks in Portland that you can head to and let your pup burn off some steam.

Normandale Park located on NE 57th ave and NE Halsey has a fenced in dog park with a section where your shy or smaller dogs can run and play. It’s about 2 acres and has water and a bags available.

Chimney Park is over on N. Columbia Blvd in North Portland and is a large 5 acre park that is completely fenced. Your dog would have a ball playing frisbee and you won’t have to worry about her running out of the park. Bring water since this park doesn’t have a fountain for your pooch.

Brentwood Park has a dedicated section for dogs that is fenced and is adjacent to the Joseph Lane School. There is a bag dispenser on site, but bring a bag in case it’s empty and water. It’s not a huge area, about ½ an acre, but it’s big enough for your pup to run around and play fetch.

Gabriel Park is over on SW 45th ave and SW Vermont and is a well-known dog park that has picnic tables, benches, and plenty of trees for shade. Your dog has 2 acres to run around on and there are bog dispensers, water, and garbage cans on site. After a good session of play, you can take a walk along some of the trails through the park before heading home.


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  1. The Banfield International Headquarters at NE Tillamook and NE 82nd Ave
    in Portland has a fantastic free dog park. Go to the desk and ask for the particulars. It involves having current immunizations to be FAXed in by your vet, and someone who sees your dog to be sure that he is friendly and gets along with other dogs, and you get a tag to use for getting in the door to the dog park which also has a restroom for humans and a warm shower for washing off paws. You must keep current on the immunizations or the tag does not work to open the door. And there is a wonderful “pond with fountain” for dogs who love to splash. You have to see this to believe it. Our dogs go there every day. Our Cavaliers run with smaller dogs, but also race for the ball with two of their favorite pals who often show up: two greyhounds, Lily and Zoom. They can run on a choice of 4 grass fields or the sidewalks going around the fenced fields.

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