Fenced Dog Parks in Raleigh, North Carolina

Dog parks are better than a backyard and allow your dog to run at full speed, explore, and play with other dogs. It helps them burn energy, stimulates their mind, and creates a calmer, balanced, and more well-behaved buddy. It’s also fun to watch your dog play with other dogs and can create a community among you and your fellow dog lovers.

There are three fenced in dog parks around the Raleigh area that you and your best friend can go to and make new friends, play in the dirt, and play, play, play!

Millbrook Exchange Park is located at 1905 Spring Forest Road in Raleigh, NC. This is on the north side of Spring Forest Road and is about half-way between Falls of the Neuse Road and Atlantic Avenue. The dog park has three fenced in areas, one is a large dog or rambunctious area, the other is a small dog and slower dog play area, and the third area is a picnic spot situated between the two dog areas.

Millbrook is open from sunrise to 10pm and asks that everyone clean up after themselves and their dogs. No female dogs in heat are allowed and puppies must be at least 4 months old and up to date on vaccines. All dogs must be wearing a collar with ID tags on them. Bring bags to clean up any mess your dog makes and water.

Oakwood Dog Park is located at 910 Brookside Drive and is open from sunrise to sunset everyday. There is an active or big dog fenced area and a small dog or older dog area. If your dog is skittish or not as hyper as she used to be, the small dog side might be the place for her. All dogs must have a collar on with ID tags.

There are bags available for owners to pick up after their pet which can be found is dispensers around the park but always bring your own in case the dispensers are empty. Also, don’t forget the water!

Carolina Pines Community Dog Park is located at 2305 Lake Wheeler Rd. This fenced in dog park has chairs for owners to sit and watch their dogs romp. It has three fenced in areas for your dogs to run around in, one of the areas is a training area where you can work on basic commands and other tricks.

The park is open everyday from sunrise to sunset and asks that everyone pick up after their dog and all dogs must have ID tags on their collars.

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