Finding a Pet Sitter

Now that the holidays are over and most of us have returned to our daily grind, some of us are looking for mid-winter getaways. If you are planning a long weekend skiing in Vail or flying to LA to soak up some sun and don’t want to board your pet, you will need to find a pet sitter. The benefits of keeping your pet at home is that they won’t be as stressed while you’re gone, won’t be sleeping in a facility that is foreign to them, and are more likely to relax, sleep well, and eat. Some pets do not like to be boarded and having someone stay or come over to the house while you are gone is the only option.

Here are some tips when looking for a pet sitter:

1: Look to see if any friends or family can watch your pet. Your pet will know them and feel more at ease when they walk through the door and they will know your pet’s personality.

2: Check with your vet to see if they recommend anyone or if any of the staff do pet sitting on the side. Who better to take care of your pet than someone who does it for a living and
you know?!

3: When looking for a pet sitter, find a reputable company or person, and demand references. Check the references diligently. A good pet sitter will voluntarily offer you a few of their clients that you can contact.

4: Ensure that the person or company is insured and bonded.

5: Confirm that your pet sitter is experienced with your pet. If your pet is an exotic animal, make sure they understand the care and feeding that is necessary for your pet.

6: When you meet your potential pet sitter, evaluate their personality as well as their credentials. Let your pet meet her/him and trust your gut and establish a comfort level.

7: Leave detailed care instructions complete with emergency contact information, vet, and your own contact information before you go away. Let the pet sitter know of any medical issues, emotional issues, or other problems your pet may have.

Finding a trusted pet sitter can be a stressful part of planning a vacation. It’s well worth the effort though and your pet will thank you for it!

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