Fire Safety Tips for Pets

October is National Fire Safety Month and you may have seen or participated in some local fire safety events in your city this past month. Events can include instructional seminars to create an evacuation plan for your house, classes in CPR, or even fundraisers to buy oxygen masks for fire departments.

These educational opportunities are great for learning about the potential of fire danger and how to prevent it – but, as we all know, fire safety is an issue that we should be aware of year-round, not just during October. With that in mind, here are few things you can do to help prevent accidental fires in your house – and, in case of emergency, how to make sure your four-legged family members are included in your evacuation plans.

Fire Safety Tips for Households with Pets

  1. Always put out and turn off open flames such as candles, gas stoves, and fireplaces before leaving or going to bed.
  2. Never leave your pet unattended around an open flame.
  3. Pet-proof areas where your pet could accidentally start a fire such as around propane tanks, loose live wires, or cooking appliances.
  4. Keep pet evacuation gear (such as a leash or carrier) near the doorway.
  5. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors on a regular basis.
  6. Affix a window cling to alert rescue workers to any pets left in the home in case there is an emergency.
  7. Keep the information on your window cling updated.

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