Fireworks And Your Pets

We’ve all read about how to keep your pet safe and as calm as possible on July 4th. Fireworks can create panic in dogs who are afraid of loud noises. It’s similar to thunder to them and maybe not as familiar since the air doesn’t smell like rain. So to a dog and a cat it is weird, scary, and not familiar.

Imagine if loud booms went off randomly during the year, you might jump and wonder what’s going on and freak out!

Aside from keeping your pet away from alcohol, citronella candles, and keeping your pet home when you go out to watch the fireworks, don’t forget these tips too:

During the day people may be setting off firecrackers and bottle rockets which can also scare dogs. If you let your dog out in the yard, keep an eye on him and make sure he’s wearing his collar with proper ID in case he jumps the fence.

If you go for a walk, be aware that any sudden noise could make your dog wiggle out of their collar or try and chew through the leash to flee. The panic system in dogs makes them want to run and hide. Try to make sure that it is not triggered this July 4th.

Keep your cat inside. You don’t want your cat running beyond its territory out of fear and getting lost.

If you have a crate for your dog, and he has severe anxiety, use it. Some dogs may jump through windows or screened doors to get away from the noise.

If you find a lost dog, check the tags and if there are no tags, call your local shelter and post an ad on craigslist.

If your dog or cat is lost, call your local shelter and post an ad on craigslist. People post lost and found pics of animals all the time on there. Don’t forget the flyers for your neighborhood too!

Have a safe and fun weekend. Don’t forget the sunscreen.


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