First Aid Supplies Checklist

April is Pet First Aid Month. Do you have basic first aid supplies for the pets in your household? Chances are you have some bandages, ointments, and antibiotics but they may not be safe for your pet and not in a bag that can be taken with you on road trips. Carefully putting together a first aid kit for your pets will make you more ready to deal with an emergency if your dog or cat ever gets injured. So, what do you need to have? And is it in a bag that can be taken on road trips or hikes?


1: Emergency phone numbers of your veterinarian, the emergency vet clinic, and Animal Poison Control: 1-888-426-4435.

2: Gauze for wrapping wounds.

3: Nonstick bandages to control bleeding, cover wounds, and protect the area from dirt or bacteria.

4: Adhesive tape for nonstick bandages to secure it in place. Then you can take a little of the gauze and wrap that around as well.

5: Milk of Magnesia Activated Charcoal is good to have on hand to absorb poison. Sometimes pets end up tasting or eating pesticides or other chemicals that are bad for them. Contact your vet or the poison control center before inducing vomiting or treating an animal for poison.

6: Hydrogen Peroxide will clean wounds and also induce vomiting. Contact your vet or the poison control center if you are going to induce vomiting.

7: Digital thermometer for taking your pet’s temperature. You’ll need to have one that measures fevers and if you do take your pet’s temperature it must be taken rectally.

8: Eye dropper for flushing wounds and to give oral treatments.

9: Leash to transport your pet in case you don’t have your dog’s everyday leash handy.

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