French Bulldog Clubs in the United States

French Bulldogs are a fairly popular breed in the United States, and there are several organized groups that strive to promote the breed, in quality of breed, judging competitions and in personal ownership. There are a handful of regional clubs that Frenchie lovers can become part of, or get information from.

French Bulldog Club of America

The French Bulldog Club of America is the world’s oldest French Bulldog club, having been founded in 1897. They are an official club that promotes interests in all sorts of things related to French Bulldogs, such as competitions, breeding, judging and just owning and loving them.They hold National Specialty shows each year. Their website also has countless resources to educate people on French Bulldogs.

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Southeast French Bulldog Club

The Southeast French Bulldog Club is stationed in Alabama and Tennessee, and is focused primarily in the Southeast, including Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virgina, West Virginia. Some members even live in the Midwest.

They are a non-profit organization, and new members are always welcome to join. They offer many fun services and activities for members. For instance, they hold a Regional Specialty & Sweepstakes and an Annual Meeting with rewards.ย  They also publish a monthly newsletter, the FRENCHIE ENQUIRER, with all sorts of information about the breed.

Central Arizona French Bulldog Club

This club is focused around encouraging and promoting the quality and perfection of pure-bred French Bulldogs. They also encourage the best behavior of French Bulldogs at dog shows, dog competitions and obedience trials. People can join if they show French Bulldogs, own them as pets or just love the breed!

Northern California French Bulldog Club

The NCFBC is there to promote the quality of the breed, as well as bring together French Bulldog enthusiasts. They also are connected with a Breeder Referral Program. Their meetings are mostly held throughout the Bay Area.

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French Bulldog Fanciers of Southern California

The FBFSC offers a helpful FAQ section on their website for people interested in adopting a French Bulldog. They also organize a couple activities throughout the year. People who are interested in membership should check out their requirements.

The Chicago French Bulldog Meetup Club

This club does occasional Frenchie meet-ups around Chicago to connect different lovers of this breed. Sometimes they will hold meetings where owners can watch 15-20 French Bulldogs run around and socialize in a safe environment!

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