Fun and Silly Products For You and Your Pets

As tech gets smarter marketing gets whackier, the products available for our pets and us are useful most times, beautiful sometimes, and down right silly at times. There are some essential items on the market that can be great for our pets and are being sold in fun packages, labeled with snazzy names, and given a hint of jazz that makes them stand out. There are also some products that make you shake your head. Here’s a few products on the market that will definitely catch your eye even if they are totally bizarre.

1: Pet Pop – yup, it looks like a soda bottle and you’d think it’s for humans. It’s water for dogs that is bottled in Australia and has B vitamins added along with a touch of color. The coloring isn’t artificial but it sure reminds me of the flavored soda I drank as a kid and the ice pops that I’d buy for a quarter at the deli. There are a variety of colors from Betty Blu to Tigerlily. You can find Pet Pop in your local pet shop. Don’t forget to check out their facebook page.

2: Is your fish bored? Does she ask you to teach her how to play soccer? Or to limbo? Well, if you’re not sure your fish is getting enough stimulation all day you can now give her a basketball court, hoops to swim through, a soccer field, and disco lights. R2Fish School makes a training course to teach your fish tricks. Using positive reinforcement and food as a motivating factor, your fish can learn that scoring a goal gets her some treats. It’s like Pavlov’s Bell for for goldfish!

3: Loving Pet Products has made a pet treat that resembles Buggles. Remember those? The puffed snack food that was a hit years ago? Your dog can now have a puffy crunchy treat too. They contain alfalfa, chicken, sweet potato, and beef. The treats are low in calories and contain all natural ingredients and are low in fat.

4: If your dog or cat is the next modern artist, let the world know. Art-casso is a product that lets your pet create a design that can be hung on the wall or matted and used as their dinner mat. You place the canvas on the floor, squeeze a few globs of paint on it, cover the the canvas and paint with the paint shield, and then get your pet to run around on it, scratch it, or sit on it. It’s like splatter paint with your pet. When it is dry, hang it up, or cover it and use it as a place mat.

Photo courtesy of Pet Pop

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