Gadgets and Fun Products For You and Your Pets

As tech gets smarter, funkier, and strives to simplify our lives (or complicate it) our pets and products available for them also evolve or in some cases become silly. Have you see the little flower that you can hang from your dog’s tail that covers butt so the world doesn’t have to see it as you walk around town? Or the fanny pack that you put your cat or dog in so you can walk around and have your pet with you? There’s even an umbrella that is made just for your dog that attaches to your leash to keep them dry, let’s just hope it’s not a windy day or else you risk your dog being lifted off the ground!

Here’s a few pet products and fun designs that are sure to amuse you and help make taking care of your pet a little more convenient.

1: Electric Pooper Scooper: Skymall, what we would do without you?! Now instead of bending down or using a shovel to clean the backyard, there’s the electric pooper scooper that sucks the waste into a bag. With the push of a button and a rechargeable battery, the scooper vacuums waste up into biodegradable bags. It costs $99.00 and refill bags are available as well from Skymall.

2: Critter Cruiser Race Car: Does your hamster love the fast track? A real daredevil? Then she needs the critter cruiser. It’s completely powered by your hamster’s little feet and if you get the racetrack your pet can zoom around for hours! There are three settings for the cruiser: stationary, all terrain, and the track. But how cool to watch your little daredevil race around the house? If you have two hamsters, get two of these and let them race! The cruiser is only $12.54 dollars from Amazon.

3: Dog E-Minder: Need to remember when you last gave your dog his meds? Or maybe need to keep track if he was walked on time? The Dog E-Minder is an ID tag that not only displays your pet’s name and a contact number but also has three reminder buttons. For all of us who are busy and sometimes overbooking appointments, making to-do lists that never seem to end, and drink too much coffee trying to make it through the day, this device can help! It’s $19.95 and has a selection of colors for you to choose from.

photo courtesy of Dog E-Minder

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3 thoughts on “Gadgets and Fun Products For You and Your Pets

  1. Liked the article but if my Maltese’s butt showing offends someone all I can say is “get over it!”

  2. OMG. Really? A flower to cover my dog’s poo hole? I’d dare someone to sniff it! What’s wrong with people? Are we really THAT VAIN?