Game Review: iPad Game For Cats Leaves Room For Improvement

I was browsing the app store one night and came across Game For Cats by Hiccup. After reading a few of the comments and looking at the screenshots I decided to download the free version on my iPad and see if my two cats would like it.

The game is designed specifically to amuse cats. It’s very simple and yet, can be fun for your cat. There are two games to choose from: chase a mouse or chase a red laser dot.

The mouse game is very cartoony and the mouse darts around on the screen. There is a mousetrap that it ran into after a minute each time I started it. My cats did not seem to care. They ignored the graphic mouse and only sniffed the screen when the mousetrap would make a snapping noise. I don’t know if the paid version of the game removes the mousetrap or not. However, my cats were not amused.

The dot game caught their attention and did not have a time out or any obstacle that stopped the game after a few seconds. The screen is darkened with a blue frame and two paw prints on the corners. After tapping the paw prints 5 times to start the game, a little red dot darts around the screen. It moves in a pattern similar to how I would play with cats using a small flashlight and running the light beam around the hallway. My cats watched the dot for a long time, sniffed the screen, and even meowed wondering what it was. They did not touch the iPad to try and catch the dot. I tried to get them to but they only wanted to to watch.

Obviously some cats are more intrigued by this game…

My cats seem to be amused swiping my iPad screens and opening and closing apps if I leave it on the floor. Hiccup has created a cute set of games but it seems it could use some fine tuning. Maybe a game where the screen changes with a paw touch, chasing a string, or if the mouse made some realistic mouse noises to evoke a prey drive in cats would be more effective.

However, it seems there are games available for the iPad that aren’t geared for cats at all but work just as well as this cat demonstrates:

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One thought on “Game Review: iPad Game For Cats Leaves Room For Improvement

  1. Sometimes you can’t ‘build a better mousetrap.’ Cat’s like the good ol’ fashioned “Pong”, PAWS DOWN!