Top 10 Gifts For Dogs (and Dog Lovers)

Holidays are here and as you shop for family and friends, don’t forget about your fuzzy buddy, or your dog lover on the shopping list, because getting something for the dog is about the best gift a dog lover could get – it shows that you care about their dog as well as them. There are a lot of great toys and other pet products out there for dogs. Here are the 10 we liked best.

Top 10 Gifts For Dogs

  1. IQ Treat Ball

    Is it too cold to run around at the dog park? Does your dog seem bored? This toy may be the answer. Fill the ball with treats or kibble and let your dog check it out. Your dog will have to push, paw, and roll the ball for the food to fall out. It’s ideal for dogs that need additional mental stimulation and for those dogs who may eat too fast. You can also adjust the difficulty as your dog learns.
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  2. Nerf Spiral Squeak Football

    If watching the game isn’t enough with your canine best friend, then pick up this toy and throw those long passes. The football is made from rubber and is brightly colored so you can find it in the grass or twilight hours. It has a squeaker inside and is water resistant. This football is great for winter outdoor session, summer, and a trip to the beach.
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  3. Orthopedic Mattress Pet Bed

    This bed sounds nice, so nice I bet you could nap with your dog on it. This bed comes in several sizes and color choices. It’s made of egg crate orthopedic foam and has a water resistant base to protect your floors from any accidents. The cover is machine washable and has a fleece top. The foam mattress can also be washed if needed by hand. It’s a great choice if you have an older dog who needs some extra support or if your dog just deserves to be pampered.
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  4. Flying Squirrel

    Sure frisbees and tennis balls are great to toss around but what about a squirrel? This toy is made for sailing through the air. It comes in several sizes so your tiny dog or your big pup can play. It’s made from heavy canvas so it should withstand bites and head shakes. The feet of the squirrel glow in the dark to help you and your dog watch its path in the twilight evening play hours. If your dog has a habit of bopping his/her head with a plastic frsibee, this toy may be a great subistute. It’s flexible and won’t hurt your pup.
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  5. Wood Pet Home

    This pet bed is awesome. It’s a bunk bed for your small dog. The bottom bunk is a cubby hole and the top is an open bed. You could set this up next to the couch, your bed, or anywhere where your pup wants to hang out. If you have two dogs, they could share. The pet bed is made from cedar wood and can be easily wiped down if there are accidents or if it just gets dirty. The pet home can also be placed outside as a dog house.
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  6. 12 Tuff Balls

    Need to replenish all the lost tennis balls in your yard? Get a dozen. These are thick and have an extra bounce. The outer felt is non-abrasive to prevent wearing down your dog’s teeth. Ration them out or dump them all at once and watch your dog go nuts trying to grab them all.
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  7. Chompion Chew Toy

    This toy is designed for strong chewers. If you wonder if your dog is actually a goat or a beaver, this toy is a necessity. It’s made from rubber and will help exercise the jaw and act like a toothbrush as it help remove tartar from your pup’s chompers. This tough toy is a great teething toy, chew toy, and works well for those small tug of war sessions.
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  8. Cozy Round Pet Bed

    Does your dog need a new bed? Here’s one that is round for your dog to curl up in. it’s soft, cozy, and sized for the small dogs. It measures about 22×6. The edges are stuffed and act as a bumper or pillow. The bed is washable and is made from polyester.
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  9. Kong Biscuit Ball Toy

    Kong has a great reputation of making long lasting, tough and durable dog toys. The ball toy has openings where you can pop in some treats for your dog. This toy will keep your dog busy and happy as s/he rolls the ball around, tugs at the treats, and exercises. The ball can be washed and is made from 100% rubber.
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  10. Greenie Dental Treats

    Every dog likes treats and if you want to have a treat that doubles as a cleaner these are the ones to get. They help reduce bad breath, fight tartar, and are packed with vitamins and minerals. The treats are made from all natural products and come in several sizes.
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