Go Green: 7 Green Pet Tips

Looking to make your pet’s lifestyle more green and safer for her? The reasons to go green (or greener) are plentiful, but the big umbrella reason is wellness. Consuming better food, reducing waste, and using products that don’t pose a danger to your pet and family make for a gentler footprint on the planet. Evaluating ways to cut down on the amount of plastic you use, recycling, and buying products that are eco-friendly make a great impact.

Here are 7 ways to be “green”

  1. Use biodegradable bags when cleaning up after your dog on a walk. Most pet stores sell them and the bags decompose in months as opposed to decades like the other plastic poop bags.
  2. Avoid clumping cat litter. The litter is has several chemicals added to it that are harmful to the environment and your cat. Plus the litter is made from clay which is strip-mined. There are other green friendly litters available like recycled paper, pine, wheat, and corn.
  3. Keep dogs on leash when hiking and keep cats inside. It will protect the natural wildlife in your area. Cats may hunt and kill birds and other small animals. Dogs may also want to hunt small animals and harm or kill them. This can threaten populations of wildlife.
  4. Buy recycled toys, bowls, and other pet products. There are now many new products being made from recycled materials like beds from soda bottles, toys from old tires, and other sustainable fibers.
  5. If you’re considering adding another furry buddy to your house, why not check out your local humane society or shelter for a “recycled” pet? Many pets in shelters are well-behaved, loving, and just need a new place to call home and family to love. You’ll be saving a life, making an impact against puppy mills, and helping your local shelter continue to take in animals.
  6. Consider a water filter system on your faucet instead of using bottled water. The chemicals in water can be harmful to your pet but buying bottled water uses plastic bottles. Using a filter saves plastic, cuts down on chemicals in your drinking water, and makes for a greener home.
  7. Instead of cranking the heat during the winter, consider getting your pet a sweater to wear if he has little to no fur or is a warm-climate dog or cat. During the summer, if your pet has long fur, a trip to the groomer to remove dead fur, undercoat, and a trim can help them stay cool without having to turn on the a/c.

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One thought on “Go Green: 7 Green Pet Tips

  1. There are growing concerns about the chemicals in recycled tires. I would be hesitant to have them in my pets toys.