GO Green! With your cat’s poo

Earth Day is April 22 and many towns and cities recycle, compost food, and urge us to reuse bags when shopping. Did you know you can also be “green” when it comes to your cat’s poo?

If you’re a dog owner you probably have seen more choices for poop bags that are biodegradable and even flush-able at your pet store. There are more choices now for cat owners and what they put in the litter box. Some are flush-able, some can used as compost for outdoor gardening afterwards, and all of them are healthier for our planet, and our house.

Here are 4 brands that are more environmentally conscious and still mask odor, hide poo, and are free of toxins and chemicals that can harm you and your cat:

1: Feline Pine: I use this litter and it’s the best. It smells like pine, breaks down from pellets to a sawdust consistency and can be flushed. It is dust free, non-tracking, and a 7 lb bag lasts me 3 weeks. It also doesn’t clump which can hurt paws and cause problems in cats who may ingest litter when cleaning their feet. This litter can also be used around the yard if need be but remove the poo first.

2: World’s Best Cat Litter: Yes, that’s what they call themselves and they have a rep to protect! This litter is made from corn and is dust-free, safe for kittens, non-toxic for people, and clumps but not into a hard rock. The clumps won’t stick to the litter box and it also does a great job controlling odor. If you have one of those automated litter boxes where the litter is sifted, this litter is often the one recommended.

3: Yesterday’s News: It is actually newspaper that has been recycled and made into pellets. This litter absorbs moisture and contains no toxins, safe for kittens, and is also dust-free. It doesn’t stick to the litter box as well. It’s friendly to the environment and flushable. An 8lb. bag can last a month with one cat. The only downside is that it sometimes can actually smell like wet newspaper and your cat may leave a grayish paw print here and there if the box isn’t cleaned regularly or if he pees like it’s his job. This is the best litter for cats who are declawed or have sensitive feet.

4: Swheat Scoop: This is made from wheat, contains no harsh chemicals, safe for cats and the environment and comes from a source that is renewable. It is also biodegradable, flushable, and can be used as compost. Swheat scoop will not harm your cat if it is ingested during grooming and is virtually track-free and dust-free.

All of these are safe for us, safe for our cats, and good to the planet. If you have been looking for ways to make your house a little “greener” try one of these litters but remember to gradually switch and mix your old brand with the new brand so your cat adjusts with no problems.

Happy Earth Day!

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2 thoughts on “GO Green! With your cat’s poo

  1. I want you to know what a difference Feline Pine has made. Aside from no longer worrying about her digesting the old clumping litter, she doesn’t track this litter. Thank you for the wonderful recommendation! BTW “he pees like it’s his job” is one of the best quotes EVER.

  2. I’m glad your cat is using the new litter. I like that it can be flushed and absorbs the smells.