Go Shopping With Your Dog

I’ve noticed that more and more stores allow dogs in them. I don’t know if it’s because the attitudes are slowly shifting about pets in our society or if store owners realize that they can make a few more sales by allowing people who walk by with their dogs to be able to come in and shop. I’m not talking about service animals. I mean anyone who has a pup and is out and about taking a walk.

Not many stores openly advertise that they allow pets to walk around with their owner. All stores ask that your dog be well-behaved, friendly, and on a leash. It’s always best to ask first before walking in with your pup.

Here’s 7 Stores That Allow Dogs

Home Depot – make sure your dog is on a leash that is fairly short since the traffic in here can get crazy and your dog could get hurt easily.

Macy’s – be mindful that not everyone is ok with dogs and some customers may be allergic or have a fear. Keep your dog close to you and on leash at all times.

Barnes and Noble – be prepared for a small stampede of children who will want to pet, hug, snuggle, and squish your pup! It’s actually a great place to hang with your dog and browse books.

Urban Outfitters – some locations do not allow pets to accompany their owners. Ask before you pop inside.

Foot Locker – as long as your dog doesn’t try to chew on the sneakers, you’re good to go.

Nordstrom – similar to Macy’s, keep your dog close to you, keep leashed at all times, and make sure you pup exercises his/her best manners.

Old Navy – expect a lot of “awww!” and people asking to pet your pup as you check out some of the spring styles.

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