Great Dog Parks in Austin, Texas

With warm weather most of the year, you will want to take your dog to the many outdoor attractions during your visit in Austin, Texas. It is complete with gardens, access to the Colorado River, three human-made lakes, hiking trails and many creeks that are dog-friendly.

Dog-Friendly Parks:

Barton Creek Greenbelt Preserve

Leashed dogs are allowed in this park, which includes about 7 miles of hiking trails and many popular swimming holes. Some natural attractions include cliff walls and beautiful vegetation. The water in the creek usually runs in the spring.

Town Lake

People and dogs love this hiking and swimming area, but keep in mind that dogs must be on a leash, with a maximum length of six feet. There are ten miles of trails, and there are playgrounds, picnic tables and restrooms on the premises. Many beaches surround the lake. From March through November, you can watch bats fly out from the Congress Avenue Bridge at dusk. There are many good restaurants with outdoor patios close to the park.

Zilker Metropolitan Park

One of the popular parks in Austin, you can have fun along its 350 acres and 1.5 miles of trail. Dogs must be leased, but cannot enter any of the buildings. However, you can bring it to the Zilker Botanical Gardens. This park comes with a playground, picnic tables and restrooms.

Onion Creek District Park

This park is not very crowded, and has hiking trails with dense vegetation. It is meant for those who are more into facing , as the trails can get muddy after rainfall. In August, the grass can grow up to six feet tall! The entire park is off-leash.

Red Bud Isle

This park has a designated off-leash area for your dog. It is a small island situated between Tom Miller Dam, Lake Austin and Town Lake. There are several short hiking trails, and your dog can go in the water. The hikes are easy and many people take their dogs.

Bull Creek District Parkdog-bull-creek

This is a great park for dogs, and has an off-leash area called BCDOG. There are 32 square miles of limestone seeps, springs, waterways, cliffs and waterfalls. Designed with dogs in mind, many people take their dogs swimming here. The park comes with restrooms and picnic tables. The dog area is located behind the restrooms and is not fenced.

Click here for the rules and regulations about off-leash parks in Austin.

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  1. there is also a great park in Georgetown near Austin don’t know name but my daughter takes her bov, there weekly. Says it it one of the best shade and benches