Great Dog Parks in Boston

Heading out to Boston? This beautiful city is full of American historical sites, impressive architecture, delicious food and of course, dog parks! Most parks in Boston proper require a leash, but are nonetheless enjoyable and often scenic.

The Boston Common


This park is almost 50 acres, and connects many of the Boston neighborhoods, so you can get a real feel of the city. It is great for history fans, as it is the oldest park in America, established in 1634, and used to graze livestock until 1830. Colonial Americans threw celebrations here after the Boston Tea Party and Revolutionary War, and there are still many events held. Leashes are required for dogs. It is accessible through Tremont, Beacon, Boylston and Charles Streets.

Carlton Dog Court Park

This community park comes established for dogs, as it is fenced in, and there is access to waste bags. It is a smaller park, so it is better for small dogs. It is accessible through Carlton and Holyoke Street in the Southend’s Southwest Corridor South End. Leashes are required.

Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park

This is Boston’s first waterfront park, and is a great relaxation location for you and your dog, away from the busy streets. There are many lush grassy lawns, great especially in the spring and summer, that have a fountain (which sprays a refreshing mist on hot days), statue of Christopher Columbus and a rose garden. It is accessible through Atlantic Avenue, between Commercial Wharf and Long Wharf. Leashes are required.

Deer Island


This is an island with a 2.6 mile perimeter walking path, where people can take their dogs on leashes. There are plenty of great places to take breaks on the path, with amazing views of the Harbor and Downtown Boston. It is accessible through Tafts Avenue in Winthrop.

Peters Park Dog Run

This off-leash park is designed for dogs, so it is a good location if your dog is social. Not exactly a historical site, as it was opened in 2007, but your dog will probably enjoy more freedom in this community-run park. It is located on 1277 Washington Street.

The Esplanade


The Esplanade is a path that goes along the Charles River from Cambridge to Boston. It is lined with beautiful grass and trees, and has many historical sites, statues and monuments. There are 6 miles of walkways, 6 wooden docks and 3 boathouses. Events are often held here, and leashes are required.

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