Great Dog Parks in Little Rock, Arkansas

dog-lil-rockHeading to Little Rock? No reason you shouldn’t check out the great parks and preserves that this city has to offer!

Paws Park at Murray Park

Paws Park is the premier off-leash dog park of Little Rock. It has two acres of space for big dogs, and one acre for small dogs, and they are separated by four and five foot fences. It also features water troughs and fountains for each area, benches, parking, trash cans and mutt mitts. There are rest rooms in the nearby playground part.

Burns Park

This is a 1,600 acre park that features enclosed areas for dogs, with water and bags. You are only allowed to bring up to two dogs, and they must have vaccination tags. The rest of the park has a pre-Civil War log cabin, a horse trail and even an amusement park!

lil-rock-dog4 Paws Park

This park is located in Maumelle, Arkansas. It is small, fenced in and has many nice trees.

Jacksonville Dog Park

This is a community-based dog park in Jacksonville, Arkansas, on highway 67/167 North off the Redmond Road exit. It is fenced-in and alongside a lake.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

If you and your dog are outdoors enthusiasts, this is a large, beautiful park of 2,000 acres that you should visit. It is centered around a mountain and there is tons of great hiking. Its maintenance is dedicated to education, recreation and preservation, and it was Arkansas’ first state park to be designated in 1977. There are comfort stations and picnic areas. Dogs can go on-leash and under owner control to this park.

Big Dam Bridge

This bridge is the longest pedestrian and cycling bridge ever built, and is a dam as well! It connects 15 miles of riverside trails and there are 8 great observation areas throughout. Dogs can go throughout the bridge and trails on leash.

Clinton Presidential Center and Park

The biggest thing out of Little Rock was probably President Bill Clinton, so there’s no reason not to do something related to this. Dogs are not allowed in the building, but can go on leash throughout the landscaped grounds and trails by the river.

Riverfront Park

This park has large areas for outdoor events, leisure activities and things related to Arkansas state history. It stretches eleven blocks on the south bank of the Arkansas River in downtown. Dogs can go on leash.

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3 thoughts on “Great Dog Parks in Little Rock, Arkansas

  1. Is my 40 lb. female pit bull allowed to go to the dog parks? If she was a vicious dog I would not have her or have her in public.
    None of these sites say anything about breed specific rules.

  2. Risa,

    I don’t know where you’re located but in my experience I have not even seen a dog park that has a breed restriction. If there is a sign then follow what it says (some places have separate areas for large and small dogs) or call your local Parks & Recreation department and ask them.

  3. The dog park down at Murray Park in LR prohibits pitbulls or even pitbull mixes. There is a sign as you enter. Go to and search ordinance and there is a citywide ordinance regarding pitbulls.