Great Dog Parks in Portland, Maine

valley-dog-2Maine is known as “vacationland,” and offers many visitor-friendly opportunities. Portland, Maine, is right on the ocean, and offers many scenic opportunities for you to relax or exercise with your dog in the many parks or walks. You have to register your dog to go to the parks, but you can do it by mail, and it costs $6 if your dog is fixed. Keep in mind that dogs must be leashed in most areas of the city, and the leashes cannot exceed 25 feet. Dogs must always be under voice control.

Eastern Promenade Off-Leash Area

Dogs are allowed here off-leash during appropriate hours. They must be quiet and stay where they are supposed to be, as there is no fence. It is located on Casco Bay.

Riverton Park

Dogs can be at this historic, wooded park off-leash in some areas. It is full of trails, and used to be a vacation trolley park 100 years ago. Before the Great Depression, it used to feature a zoo, a boat launch and pony rides.

East End Beachmaine-boats

Dogs can go unleashed on this beach from the day after Labor Day until the day before Memorial Day. It is a wonderful place to be on the water.

Pine Grove Campground

Located in Medway, this campground offers many outdoor activities, and dogs can be off-leash. There are many trails, some of which are on scenic dams, lakes or streams.

Caspisic Pond Park

This park is an 18-acre preserve, and located on Portland’s largest freshwater pond. There is a short trail around the lake, as well as picnic areas.

Valley Street Dog Park

This is a small dog park, where dogs can be off-leash. It includes a trail along the top of the hill and tons of room within a fenced area.

Bayside Promenade

Dogs can walk on-leash on the scenic Bayside Promenade. It is undergoing renovations and will be very improved.

Baxter Pines

This is a 30-acre nature preserves that includes many evergreens, rivers and nice hiking trails. Dogs are allowed here on-leash.

Deering Oaks

Dogs are allowed here on-leash at this 51-acre public area. It has monuments, a pond, playgrounds and tennis courts.

Wadsworth-Longfellow House

This house was the first house museum in Maine, donated to the public in 1902, but it was built in 1785-1786. Dogs are allowed in the surrounding areas on leash.

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