Great Father’s Day Gifts for Your Dog-Loving Dad

We all know how happy the dog makes dad. So why not get him a Father’s Day gift that involves his favorite canine? It’s guaranteed to be a winner and he’ll be absolutely thrilled! (I hope my kids are reading this….) So, with Father’s Day right around the corner, Petswelcome has come up with a new and updated list of great Father’s Day Gifts for your Dog-Loving Dad. These are presents that I, er, I mean, your Dad would love to receive. They cover all budgets and range from traditional to new-fangled to good old-fashioned fun.

A Father’s Day Card

Okay. I know. Boring! But it’s the thought that counts. And, speaking as a dad myself, I know how happy cards make me. They show that someone remembered and, when you think about it, that’s the most important thing. You can just go down to your local store and pick one up or get one on-line, one that makes it seem as if it came from the dog, like this ecard or go traditional with a real paper card. Either way, your dad will be very happy.

Dog book for dad


Dog Books

Is your father a reader? If so, here are some of our tried and true: The Big New Yorker Book of Dogs, Old Dogs Are the Best Dogs and our absolute favorite, Dogs which is a big beautiful book full of nothing but tons of vintage photographs of dogs in all kinds of settings.

pint glass

Hair of the Dog Pint Glass

Does your dad like a good pint of IPA every once and a while? Or some other craft beer. Or even an ice-cold Bud or PBR? Then this is the gift for him. I guarantee it will be his go-to glass (it can even be personalized) whenever he’s in the mood for some refreshment.

blueprint of dog

Dog Blueprints

Here’s a unique gift if your dad has an artistic bent. It’s an old-style framed blueprint of many different breeds that give “design specs” about the dog’s physical attributes, as well as its origins and temperament. Best of all these can also be personalized to have your dog’s name included on the print.


Dognition Assessment 

This is one of our favorites because it helps you really understand your dog. You’ll be able to play games designed by dog experts that will assess your dog’s cognition with regard to empathy, communication, cunning, memory and reasoning. Sounds like a great way to spend some time: playing with your best buddy while getting to know him or her on a much deeper level. We’re sure your dad will agree. The rumor is that they’re working on another one called Teenition, which does the same assessment for your teenager, though, so far, they haven’t made any progress. None. Zilch.

wisdom panel

Wisdom Panel

You’ve probably heard of DNA tests for humans, such as 23andMe, well, this one is for canines. There are a number of versions, one that will screen for genetic health conditions, and another for breed identification and trait analysis. A great way to find out more about your dog’s ancestry, physical traits and more.

Cambria Shores Inn
Cambria Shores Inn

Weekend with the Whole Family

Yes, we know this is a splurge. But since we deal with pet-friendly hotels and lodgings, we also know how great a family get away can be with your pet. And we’re sure dad would be floored if you planned a trip for all of you. The bottom line is that it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Go to a great place like the Cambria Shores Inn, a 25 room pet-friendly inn on the beach in Cambria, CA. Or you could splurge and hit one of the pet friendliest chains out there, Kimpton Hotels with 50+ properties and a guarantee that if your pet can fit through the door, they’ll welcome it with open arms. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, how about a Motel 6 (America’s original pet friendly chain)? It makes no difference which one you choose, the bottom line is that you could all be together and have some wonderful downtime.  What could be better?

link akc

Link AKC

Speaking of getting away, many times when you take a dog on a trip with you, your dog doesn’t get enough exercise or you cannot be sure it does. But get a Link AKC (which is a dog activity monitor) and you’ll be able to know that your dog reaches its necessary daily level of activity. And, if your dad is an outdoor type and prefers to take his dog on long walks off leash in natural settings such as local preserves and parks, this would also be a great gift because not only does it sound temperature alerts and track activity, it also has GPS capabilities to give him peace of mind that his best friend won’t get lost.  If the GPS capability is more important, then you can also check Petswelcome’s article on the Best Pet GPS Trackers  to find out which ones we recommend.


Fitbit Activity Tracker

Fitbit Charge 3 Fitness Activity Tracker

Hey, it’s good to know that your dog is getting enough exercise, but what about the person walking it? This popular tracker measures heart rate, calorie burn and other vital statistics and has more than fifteen exercise modes to choose from. It even records Deep and REM sleep stages and offers health insights and personalized health guidance. A great way for dad to make sure he’s staying healthy, too.

Dog weekend travel kit

Dog Weekender Travel Kit

At Petswelcome, we’re all about hitting the road with our pets. This travel kit will make your dad (and your pup) very happy, encouraging them to venture out together into the great beyond with all the bases covered. Lightweight and rugged, this kit contains a carrying case with with a removable center divider, two mesh side pockets,  and a padded shoulder strap. You also get two collapsible travel bowls for food and water, and an airtight bag for storing up to five pounds of food. The carrying case can also be personalized with up to 12 characters.

Squeaky dog ball
Squeaky Dog Ball

Not everything has to be complicated. Or hi-tech. Or expensive. To that end, we think your dad will take great delight in the simple and timeless pleasure of tossing a ball to his dog. It will allow him to get his mind off whatever he needs to get his mind off and help relieve stress in countless ways. Also, a squeaky ball encourages communication between dog and master which makes it even more fun. Ever notice that even a beagle can convey complex emotions when a squeaky ball is in its mouth? Once my dog squeaked out that he thought Hemingway was overrated while we were playing fetch at a family reunion picnic. I’ve never forgotten it.

No matter what you decide to do, be sure to spoil your dog-loving dad and give him the perfect gift to make it the most memorable Father’s Day ever.

Next week: Great Gifts for Dad’s Who Love Cats


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