Great Name Combos for Two Pets In One House

When I got my two cats 14 years ago I wanted to give them names that paired well. My first inclination was to name them Franny and Zooey. But after a few days of watching them and getting to know them, those names didn’t fit. However, having names that pair well together can be fun. Avoid names that can be embarrassing to say at the vet or at a dog park like Stinky or Beyonce… actually, Beyonce could be a rad name for a pet. There’s someone I know who has a dog named Oprah and people love it when they learn his dog’s name.

Here are 25 names that may work great for your two pets:

1: Betty and Wilma
2: Chip and Dale
3: Barnum and Bailey
4: Bonnie and Clyde
5: Crimson and Clover
6: Fred and Barney
7: Cookies and Cream
8: Gomez and Morticia
9: Hansel and Gretel
10: Mork and Mindy
11: Lois and Clark
12: Itsy and Bitsy
13: Laverne and Shirley
14: Cagney and Lacey
15: Hocus and Pocus
16: Laurel and Hardy
17: Jack and Jill
18: Rocky and Bullwinkle
19: Salt and Pepper
20: Remy and Martin
21: Simon and Garfunkel
22: Zig and Zag
23: Starsky and Hutch
24: Tom and Jerry
25: Sugar and Spice


3 thoughts on “Great Name Combos for Two Pets In One House

  1. Ha — good fun! There’s Batman and Robin if the ages are different; and Frick and Frack; as well as Crimson and Clover; Rosemary and Thyme? Ebb and Flo? Huntley and Brinkley (if you’re over 50yrs old) and (if you’re of the MTV generation) maybe Beavis and Butt-head – altho that might be cruel to cute little butt-head… :-)

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