Great Pet Stores in Austin, Texas

loftyAustin is probably the coolest city in Texas, which is why it has some of the best pet shopping in the state! Many of these stores have a hefty history of serving the community for decades, and others offer a selection of locally made products.

Lofty Dog

This store is well-stocked and fun to look around in, and also is involved with community events, such as this dog fashion show. They have many pet toys and accessories. They have a great selection of dog food, including premium foods, raw alternatives and premium dog treats. The have great cat foods and litter. They offer a wide range of locally made products, including natural treats, puppy pillows and even unique pet jewelery.

Bark N Purr Pet Center

This store is stocked with great, healthy pet food options like raw food and healthy treats that don’t have filler. It is good if your pet has allergies to things like wheat, soy or corn. They also have pet beds, litter, litter boxes, natural flea products, leashes and more. It is a great place to shop for dog travel, as they carry seat covers, car seats, belts and life jackets for dogs! This store has served Austin for over half a century.

The Plush Pad

This is a grooming salon for cats and dogs. It has some top-notch stylists who have been grooming for over 30 years. You get to choose what kind of shampoo they will use on your pet, such as tea tree, degreasing, oatmeal or tearless puppy. Dogs get a bandana or scarf, and cats get a catnip mouse to take home. They also work as a boutique, and offer a selection of designer apparel, coats, shampoos, conditioners, hats, rainwear and more for your pet.


Tomilson’s has been open since 1946 in Austin, and has had a South Austin location for 20 years. They are offering discounts throughout specific days in October. They offer many brands of pet food.


This is the place for people that have exotic animals. They claim to be the best exotic pet store in Texas! They have many crazy species of animals, with anything from millipedes, to sugar gliders, to hedgehogs, to newts to tortoises. They have a good stock of supplies too, and they produce their own crickets and superworms.

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