Great Pet Stores in San Diego, California

San Diego is a great vacation spot, as it has Seaworld, the zoo, the beach and many attractions. If you are there to shop, there’s no reason you can’t pick up something for your pet, as there are tons of marvelous spots.

parrotBird Crazy

This store sells baby birds, as well as their own batches of seed, that have 100% human grade ingredients.

My Best Friend Specialty Pet Bakery

This bakery offers many unique options for your pet’s palate. They sell dog and cat cakes for birthdays, where you can put a hand-painted picture of your pet on top (not a cheap piece of paper!). Dog flavors come in peanut butter and carob-fudge, and cat cakes are chicken flavored. The icing is yogurt flavored. You can even get a kit to bake a pet cake yourself. They also sell breed-shaped dog cookies, pizza for dogs and many other interesting products.

Aquatic Warehouse

This store offers anything for aquatic animals. They have products for freshwater, saltwater, reef and pond settings. They also sell some seeds for wild birds, so that you can help the ecosystem of San Diego, which has been hurt due to sprawl.

San Diego Pet Supply

This store names itself “The Oldest and Largest Independent Retail Pet Outlet,” having been established in 1875. They are stocked with all sorts of products. They sell common pet food and holistic pet food as well. They also sell shampoos that you would otherwise need a prescription for.


Image Courtesy Bullmarket French Bulldogs, All Rights Reserved

Point Loma Pet Pantry

This store specializes in raw food for pets, that have necessary enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants for your pets. Their food is free of by-products, fillers, hormones, preservatives and additives. They also sell leashes, collars, treats, litter, toys and vitamins.

Pet Kingdom

This store has a variety of small animals, such as fish, frogs, lizards, snakes, turtles, rabbits, kittens, rats, hamster and many more. Their products are related to these animals, such as aquariums, cages, and food.

Natural Pet

This store offers many pet supplies, such as leashes, pet tags, brushes, food, flea remedies, homeopathic medicines and supplements. They also go to farmer’s markets around the city.

Pet People

This store has several locations around San Diego, and offers unique pet food, toys and products.

Pets Uptown

This store sells a number of different pet food brands, whether you like premium or holistic. They also sponsor low-cost vaccination clinics each Sunday. They also have animals for sale, as well as other assorted products.

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