Great Pet Stores in San Francisco

sf-skylineSan Francisco is one of America’s greatest places to shop, full of cosmopolitan new and old styles of every price range. That doesn’t mean your pet shouldn’t be left out of this!

Cal’s Pet Supply

This is a neighborhood store in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Rather than mass produced items, the owner tries to reach out to toys, accessories and food that is new and unique. They carry supplies for dogs, cats, birds and other small animals. They carry human gifts as well, like crazy dog sculptures.

Bow Wow Meow

This store is very special, with a full range of products and also training classes, vaccine clinics, teeth cleaning and adoption fairs. They sell items such as food and toys, but also training kits, travel accessories and small petbig-dog products. Things come in all price ranges, from a $6 cardboard carrying case to a $500 cashmere pet sweater, if you must.

Osso & Co

This store has two locations in SF, and has pet accessories from all over the world. They also include specialty holistic and raw food for cats and dogs. They also have a Full Service Grooming Spa. Some special products include bamboo scratching boards for cats, and dog car seats.

B & B Pet Supplies

This Richmond District store is family owned and operated, and has been rated the best pet supply store by San Francisco Weekly. They will assist you in carrying out purchases to your car. Their products include brushes, combs, holistic food, bird cages and exercise pens. They carry food for over a dozen different types of pets.

North Beach Pet Supplies

The owner of this store has bred Irish Setters and Golden Retrievers for over 20 years. This store offers many different products, for cats, dogs, fish, birds, chinchillas, rabbits and more. They offer dental care items for cats and dogs, and even bird treats!

sf-streetNoe Valley Pet Company

This store says to carry mind-blowing catnip to the hippest cats, which is pretty expected of San Francisco! Their items are mainly geared to dogs and cats, and they have many special bathing and health products.

Cheeko B

This store is a joy to go to, aesthetically, and is located in the Civic Center/Tenderloin area. They sell many crafty, almost custom-looking leashes and collars, as well as treats that look good enough for humans to eat! It is an indulgence to the eyes.

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