Grumpy Looking Cat Finds New Home

A little kitten down in Bradenton, Florida found a new home after two men went to an empty house. The men were inspecting the house for sale when they came across an orange female persian kitten. The kitten looked grumpy, according to Paul Tateosian, a real estate agent assistant. When his colleague, Jason Burnside came out to the backyard, he took the little kitten home. He put the backseat down in his truck, placed a towel down, and the little persian went to sleep.

The two men think the cat was left behind by the previous owners who moved away. The cat was thin, matted, and definitely looked grumpy. However, now the cat, named Girdy, is living with Burnside’s mother and she looks gorgeous. This little girl got a happy ending and a new forever home.

To read the whole story, check it out on here.

Photo from Yahoo News

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