Hairball Home Care

Every time your cat grooms herself, she swallows some loose fur and this fur doesn’t get digested. It must pass through their stomach and intestines. Sometimes the fur becomes compounded into a wad that then must come back up. These are often unpleasant for the cat and for the owner.

What can you do?

Brushing your cat on a regular basis can help cut down on the amount of swallowed hair. You can also give your cat an over the counter hairball remedy treatment such as Petromalt.
For some home remedies you can try to ease the passing of hairballs for your cat by offering them a lubricant, such as butter. Yes, butter. Don’t’ worry, chances are you cat will love it and think it’s Christmas!

Remedy 1: Give your cat about a ½ teaspoon of melted butter once a day for 4 days. It should help your cat pass and clear out any trapped fur in her body.

Remedy 2: Mineral oil for 3 days, and no more. On the first day give your cat 3 teaspoons broken into 1 teaspoon three times a day. One the second day give 2 teaspoons, and the third day give your cat 1 teaspoon.

Remedy 3: Try some petroleum jelly. This is one of the hardest ones to give a cat. It has no flavor, isn’t easy for a cat to swallow, and can be a battle. However, if you cat is up for it or just really laid back, give her a little dollop once a day about once a week. Good luck on this one.

Remedy 4: Cut down on the treats, bulk up on the high quality food and make sure your cat is getting exercise. Get your cat’s system moving a little more vigorously or hair will continue to collect, form hairballs, and be thrown up.

Always make sure your cat has fresh water throughout the day and if you’re not sure if she’s drinking enough, add a little water to her food or try some low salt chicken broth. Extra liquid in the diet can also help push the fur through her system.


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  1. My Mazie loves Vaseline. After a bad two days, Vaseline was the only thing she would take, licking it off my fingers. The third day, all functions were working normally again, thank heavens. Now I give her about half a teaspoon once a week to keep things working smoothly – and she feels she’s getting a very special treat!

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