Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Halloween is creeping up on us faster than we think and our pets, if they are up for it, need a costume! Now, we could do the usual pumpkin or cape on the back and turn our pups into food or a superhero but why not go that extra step and make him stand-out in the crowd?

Here’s some great and funny costumes for dogs that yours might look fabulous in:

Indiana Jones – complete with hat, fake leather jacket and little hands, and pants! It slips over the front legs and around the torso like a harness. The hat may or may not be worn with dignity by your dog but he can still run around and be ultra cool.

Elephant – maybe your dog isn’t the hero type but rather the larger than life type and needs to tell the world. Why not dress him up as an elephant and call him Horton? He’ll be the center of attention with this costume that fits like a pet coat.

Hot Dog – this costume is a standard for all dachshunds and any long back dog. It’s hysterical and awesome. Your dog is a walking hot dog complete with ketchup. A black elastic strap velcros around the chest to hold the whole costume in place and is just plain cute!

Headless Horseman – Ichabod Crane never had a ride like this! Your dog can be the horse and on his back is the headless horseman that bucks when your dog runs. It fits like a harness and is sure to grab everyone’s attention. The little body is made of rubber-like material filled with polyester stuffing.

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One thought on “Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

  1. love the Icabod one. Hilarious and the elephant… How much would they cost for 20lb. dogs…I have 2 little girls…..