Halloween Costumes for Your Pet!

It is that time of year again. The local grocery store and pharmacy are stocked with candy, silly costumes, and lawn ornaments of ghosts, witches, and spiders. As you get ready for Halloween, don’t forget to dress your pet. Not every cat or dog will tolerate a costume but if s/he does, here’s a few great ideas:


This costume is a simple headdress that transforms your little bulldog into a dinosaur. It’s been a top seller for years because…well, it’s awesome.


I’ve seen pets with this little cowboy costume and it makes me laugh every time. As the dog (or cat) moves the little cowboy bucks. It’s hilarious. The funniest was when I saw a puppy pug with it on who galloped all over the dog park with the little cowboy.

Star Wars Bantha

Another riding costume but instead of a cowboy, it’s a Tusken.

Lion Mane

ROAR! Does your cat want to re-enact scenes from The Lion King? Want to scare your mailman with your new lion/yellow lab? Then pick up this little headdress.


I doubt my cats would wear this… but this costume is awesome. It has little arms that are free standing off with stuffing. The front legs of your pet are the legs of the pirate. If your pet is cool with this costume, it could be the hit of the party. Check out the video to see how it holds up when a cat walks with it on.


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