Halloween Zoo Events For The Family

BOO! Halloween is great for kids. It means they get to hoard candy from all your neighbors, dress up in costumes, and then eat as much of the candy as you allow before you send them to bed and then eat the rest for yourself. Trick or treating can be a lot of fun but stressful for parents as we have to sift through the loot and look for any suspicious packaging or exposed candyโ€ฆ and don’t get me started on the people who give out apples as a ‘treat.’

If trick or treating is on the agenda for the late afternoon, or if you’re traveling with your family and looking for something to do while away from home, check out the local zoo in your area. Many zoos around the country are holding Halloween-themed parties that are great for families.

The Bronx Zoo in NYC will be busy with their Boo at the Zoo event. There will be puppet shows, hay rides, a parade, and a spooky extinct graveyard for the family to explore. There is also a 3-D Haunted Safari ride that will take you through a bat cave, a snake belly, and a swamp.

The San Diego Zoo is having a Halloween Party, complete with a scavenger hunt, scary storytelling, and a Spooky Sleepover! You’ll get to camp overnight in the park and take a night tour, be careful, you may meet some ghosts of animals past.

If you’re in Utah, head to the Hogle Zoo where they will be hosting their 22nd annual Boo at the Zoo party. There will be booths throughout the zoo for children to greet and get treats, a guided night tour, and a special encounter with Spiderella who will tell you all her favorite creepy stories.

The Louisville Zoo in Kentucky will have a party like no other. If your child is not quite brave enough to face off against goblins and ghosts, try zip lining across the Pirate’s Cove or touring the pumpkin patch and meeting the Giant Talking Pumpkin. It’s a not-too-scary party full of activities and trick or treating.

Check your local zoo or the zoo of the city you’re in to see what event they are hosting and meet the relatives of your cats and dogs! By visiting your local zoo you’ll be supporting programs that work to protect endangered animals, help find ways to enrich their lives, and promote education awareness about our environment, ecosystems, and well-being. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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