Hanukkah Toys for Your Pet

Hanukkah is almost over, have you remembered to buy a gift for your dog or cat? It’s the Festival of Lights and lasts 8 days. As you light a candle each day and say the traditional blessings, don’t forget your favorite furry friend during the holiday. If you’re looking for something to buy for the remaining nights, here’s a few toys that your dog or cat will surely love!

Chewish Cat Toy – for the feline in your family, why not get a plush felt or lox that they can chase and bat around the house? Each toy has a little bell and an elastic string so you can get the party started! Your cat will be happy and sleepy once he’s done playing with his new cat toy.

Organic Catnip Bagel – These bagels are stuffed with catnip and made of eco-felt. Each order contains a slice sesame bagel with cream cheese and lox. Don’t worry if your cat gets silly playing with his new bagel. The catnip effects don’t last long and most cats will walk away once they have had enough of the minty herb.

Hanukkah Dog Treats – These treats are whole wheat and then dipped in yogurt. There are 8 treats per order of 4 doughnuts and 4 stars. Your dog will love these special treats. Just remember to ask her to do a trick such as sit or shake paw. Nothing in life is free.

Singing Dreidel – it’s a plush toy for you dog to fetch, nuzzle, and chase. It sings the dreidel song when it is squeezed. Your dog may not know the song it is singing but it will make her want to inspect the toy and get to the singing center! Be careful if your dog is the type who can shred a plush toy in seconds.

Have a safe and happy Hanukkah!

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