Harley Wins the Hambone Award

VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance) has, for the 3rd year in a row now, awarded the Hambone Award to the pet who has the most unusual insurance claim. This year the winner is Harley, a pug, who ate more than 100 rocks. The winner is chosen by voting and it was a close race. The runner up is Chico, a chihuahua, who almost was supper for an owl. However, Harley won and captured the hearts of those who voted and now has the coveted Hambone Award.

Harley’s owner discovered that her pug was having unusual potty behavior and was passing rocks. She could also feel several small stones in his stomach and he wasn’t able to eat or drink water without getting ill. She rushed him to the ER and X-rays revealed that he had ingested over 100 small rocks which clogged the intestinal tract and half of his stomach.

The rocks were small enough for Harley to pass without needing surgery. He was given some medication to help and in a few days was back to normal. Now Harley has an award in the shape of a ham as well as a few new toys, treats, and an emergency pet kit.

The Hambone Award is an award that VPI gives out every year to the pet that has the most unusual insurance claim. The name of the award comes from a VPI dog that got stuck in a fridge and ate an entire thanksgiving ham while he was waiting for someone to open the door. Each month employees of VPI select one interesting claim for a nominee and all the nominees are voted on by the public. The winners of each month are pets that have made full recoveries and received reimbursements for expenses.


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