Hiking Trails in Canada

There are some great hiking trails in Canada that you and your pup can explore together. Sure, it’s cold but if you have a few days off and your dog has been getting cabin fever, it might be a good idea to head out for a short hike and burn some energy, get some fresh air, and bond. Remember to pack a bag with some snacks for both of you, a portable water bowl, water bottle, and to watch your dog for signs of fatigue and finding it too cold or too much to hike. If you need to, make it a short walk and head back home.

Muskoseepi Park
If you’re in Alberta, there’s a great trail in Muskoseepi Park located at 100 Avenue and 105 Street in Grand Prairie. You can walk through the wilderness of Bear Creek Valley and have a picnic and relax after a few miles of walking around. It’s not a big park and there is even a museum nearby where you and the family could learn about the history of Grand Prairie. Your dog needs to be on a leash at all times while on the walking trails.

Ottawa has a few nice dog parks with hiking trails. Bruce Pit is worth checking out if you’re wondering where to take your buddy. It’s located at 175 Cedarview Rd in Ottawa and is an off-leash trail and park where you dog can sniff, dig, run, and walk till he just can’t! It’s a great place to burn some energy and take in some nature.

Eldred King Woodlands is in Toronto where Yonge St and Eagle St meet and has beautiful trails in the wilderness where you and your dog can hike. The trails are well paved and wide. Bring some snacks and you might get tired. There’s also a pond where your pup can take a dive after a long hike to cool off. It might not be warm enough right now in December to swim but this could be a wonderful hike in the spring and summer.

In Manitoba, Canada there is the Brandon Hills Wildlife Conservation Area located off Highway 10, south of the city of Brandon. There is a trail that you can explore with your dog on or off leash and it has three loops if you need to make the hike shorter than it’s 3 hour route. Depending on the season you will likely run into deer, moose, and maybe even a black bear. Mostly you’ll see squirrels and birds, so bring your binoculars if you want to try and figure out what birds are up in those trees.

If you’re in Carberry, Canada head down to Highway 5 and Spruce Woods Provincial Park. There are trails that head through small prairie deserts that are filled with giant sand dunes. A lot of the trail is fragile so your dog must be on leash to prevent hurting the ecosystem. Don’t forget to check out the Devil’s Punch Bowl.

Photo Courtesy of Muskoseepi Park.

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