History of the Puppy Bowl & Puppy Bowl X Preview

On February 2, 2014 Denver will play Seattle at the Super Bowl. But, even more epic will be the Tenth Annual Puppy Bowl. If you’ve never seen the Puppy Bowl, get ready for cuteness. Animal Planet started the Puppy Bowl in 2005 and the premise is the same, several puppies romp around in a playroom designed to look like a football field and we all sit at home and watch them wrestle, splash the water bowls, and tumble about for about 3 hours.

All the puppies who participate in the Puppy Bowl are shelter pups who are waiting for their forever homes. Along with watching the cuteness, you can also find out where the dogs are and contact information for the rescue or shelter in case you are interested in adopting. There is also a Kitty Show Halftime, which, as the name suggests, is a clowder of kittens who play around for about 30 minutes. The kittens chase laser lights, balls of yarn, a scratching post, and tumble with each other.

In case you are wondering, there is a veterinarian on-site in case the animals get injured while playing. The filming for the event takes place over the course of several days, with various cameras to catch all the action, including the water bowl camera where the view point is from the bottom of the bowl and you see big pink tongues lap up water.

The puppies are given rest periods between playing. Last year the puppy bowl had 63 puppies featured who played in groups of 10 at a time. The animals are well taken care of for the show.

Some fun facts:

  • there are cheerleaders – in 2010 it was bunnies, in 2011 chickens, 2012 it was pigs, and last year there were hedgehogs
  • the blimp that is shown flying over the stadium had a hamster in it in 2013
  • each puppy bowl names an MVP player at the end of the game, last year it was Marta, a beagle mix
  • filming takes place in NYC in a studio over the course of 3 days with hours and hours of playtime captured and edited down to 180 minutes
  • If you’re excited for this year’s Puppy Bowl, check out Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 2014 page for information about the starting lineup, view the hall of fame, and check out the pups in the locker room as they get ready to play. This year’s cheerleaders are penguins, which could be quite silly.

    Photos from Animal.Discovery.com

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