Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Pets

There aren’t many days left for shopping and your pets are probably wondering what gifts are theirs. Or maybe your cat has already unwrapped a few gifts like mine do every year. This season there are some great new toys, beds, and other items that your pets will be happy to get, most are available at your local pet store but you can also order them online.

Here’s a few we found that we think are purrr-fect and paw-some:

Who doesn’t like bubbles? Well, my cats don’t care for them but I know some who do. Your cat might like watching catnip flavored bubbles float around the room and try to pop them, catch them, and wonder where they went! There’s even a dog one that smells like peanut butter. So why not see if your cat likes Catch A Bubble catnip scented bubbles?

Your dog might need a new stuffed animal. I know I do. Huggle Hounds are great gifts that come in a variety of animals and some holiday themed ones as well. So maybe your furry dude would love to snuggle, shake, and try to get the squeaker out of a snowman or gingerbread man.

Here’s something you and your pets will love, unless your dog has a real problem with catsโ€ฆ the cat body pillow from Plow and Health. It’s huge, fluffy, and won’t bug you for food or pets. It’s made for cuddling, snuggling, and great for your child or for you. Your pet will probably like it too and may even stop laying on your stuff for a little bit.

If your cat is more entertaining that tv, why not get her a scratching post that exemplifies what you really watch at night, your cat being spazzy! The Scratch-N-TV Cat Scratcher is one of the neatest and most amusing designs of cardboard scratching posts I’ve seen in a long time. It’s also practical since it’ll help curb your cat from thinking about the couch or kitchen table leg as her own personal nail file.

If you’re having a holiday gathering at your place and need someone to dress up as Santa to give out gifts to the family, why not enroll your pup and give everyone a good laugh and add some more the holiday cheer?
There are several types of costumes for your dog to wear this holiday but the old favorite is the red coat, black belt, and santa hat that you can find at any pet store or order online.

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