Holiday Household Pet Tips

Holidays are in full swing. As you get ready to decorate for the season, pull out the blankets for these cold nights, and dress your pup up in his best winter gear, don’t forget to keep an eye on the items in your house that are dangerous to dogs and cats.

Top 6 Household Threats To Your Pet

  1. Gum – the sweetener in gum, xylitol, can be lethal to dogs and cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar. When your friends and family come over for the holidays, make sure to put their coats and bags in a room where your pet can’t go and snoop through the pockets and accidentally eat some gum.
  2. Tinsel – cats tend to chew on tinsel and play with it. Eating this stuff can cause intestinal issues such an inflammation of the stomach lining. Keep tinsel and ribbons away from pets, or think about using something else to decorate the tree this year.
  3. Chocolate – dogs tend to love eating chocolate, licking the glass of soda, and slurping your coffee. The problem is these items contain methylxanthine which can cause major problems in the stomach and abnormal heart rates. Keep the treats far away from your pet.
  4. Non-stick/Teflon cookware – After baking or making some yummy foods, make sure that the pots and pans are in the sink or dishwasher and that your house is well-ventilated.The chemicals released into the air from non-stick cookware can harm pet birds, causing breathing issues and fluid buildup. Maybe try using stainless steel or glassware. It’s also better for you.
  5. Bones and leftovers – poultry bones can splinter if your pet chews on them. The splinters can poke the stomach lining or harm their throat. Throw those bones away! As for leftovers, some of our foods will have spices and seasoning that can cause digestive issues in our pets. No leftovers for Max.
  6. Electrical cords – rabbits, dogs, and cats may chew on cords which means they could be electrocuted. Tape down the cords, hide them, or cover them up as best you can. Some house ware stores sell a plastic tube that you can wrap around wires. If you put up a Christmas tree, use a tree skirt to hide the wires.

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