Home Safety Tips For Pets

Did you get a new pet recently? Or maybe you moved and your pet is suddenly inspecting everything? Aside from good food, exercise, and love, pets need a safe place to live. While we normally do pet proof our homes by keeping chemicals and other hazards in cabinets and out of reach of pets, sometimes our pets can be crafty and get into things. This morning one of my cats opened a kitchen drawer and trying to check out what was in it. He’s never done that before. The only stuff in there is sponges, ziplock bags, and saran wrap but still… what if he had opened the cabinet under the sink where the cleaning supplies are and licked a bottle? So, now I’m rethinking where and how I need to store and pet proof my apartment.

Cabinet Locks
Cats and dogs can be nosy and want to check out what’s behind every door. If your cabinets swing closed but don’t latch, you may want to buy a child safety latch to prevent access to areas that are off limits. Keep doors to the basement, garage, and storage sheds closed too.

Garbage Cans
We know that dogs may try to knock over the garbage can if there might be something yummy in it. Pets trying to get into the garbage can be messy and make them vulnerable to something toxic. A garbage can with a lid or lock can prevent this from happening. You may also need to replace the can and go for the kind that can be placed under the kitchen sink area… along with a door latch.

Keep all medication in a cabinet where your pet cannot reach them. If you use a day of the week pill holder, close all the compartments tightly. If a pill drops on the floor, try to pick that up as soon as possible.

Screens in the window can become loose. A cat may lean against it while sitting on the windowsill or scale it. Make sure the screen are secure and install a guard if necessary to prevent your cat or dog from pushing the screen out. You don’t want your pet falling or getting out of the house.

It is nearly impossible to keep all the wires away from pets but you can buy covers that bundle all of them together. Zip ties can also be used to hold a bundle of wires together behind the entertainment center or under the computer. A kitten or dog can become tangled in the wires and panic. Tucking the wires or keeping them as one line can alleviate this problem.

What other tips do you recommend? Tell us!

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