How To Figure Out If Your Cat Has Food Allergies

Many cats with skin allergies will develop red sores and bald spots that look like hot spots on dogs. Often times it seems to appear on their back in the middle of the shoulder blades. Sometimes the sore might ooze and if left untreated it can get infected. While there are a number of reasons that this may occur, one reason, that is often overlooked (possibly because we have a “worst case” mindset) is that there is an allergic reaction to food. This isn’t to say your cat might have an autoimmune problem or other disease.

How to Determine Whether Your Cat Has Food Allergies

  • Start a hypoallergenic diet –
    A hypoallergenic diet contains a protein source that your cat has not been exposed to before, such as rabbit, venison or duck.
  • Feed this food, and ONLY this diet, for up to 10 weeks, before concluding whether or not food allergy is the culprit.
  • Alternatively, you may opt for a skin biopsy. This simple procedure will very likely reveal the diagnosis.
  • Keep a diary – note any litter box issues, any changes in appetite, and keep track of the red sores and spots

As always, consult a veterinarian in case it’s more than a dietary problem and also to create plan that will help your pet thrive and purr.

Image from Sam Has Eyebrows

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